Cabochon Crystals

Rose Quarts – Sold

Item: OT#002

Size: 87 x 75mm

Weight: 157.8g

Price: R150

Rose Quartz Heart

Item: Ot#003

Size: 77 x 88mm

Weight: 192.3g

Price: R150

Iolite Crystal

Item: CR#001

Size: 134 x 38mm

Weight: 293.2g

Price: R350

Cordierite/Iolite Crystal

Item: CR#002

Size: 89 x 24mm

Weight: 86.6g

Price: R250

White Quarts Crystal

Item: CR#004

Size: 95 x 37mm

Weight: 231.2g

Price: R300

White Quartz Obelisx

Item: OT#005

Size: 158 x 36mm

Weight: 300.9g

Price: R200

Rose Quarts Crystal

Item: CR#003

Size: 118 x 43mm

Weight: 357.2g

Price: R350

Rose Quartz Message Wand

Item: OT#004

Size: 98 x 28mm

Weight: 111.0g

Price: R150


Sugilite Cabochon

Item: CA#025

Size: 48 x 23 x 9mm

Weight: 18.7g (93.5ct)

Price: R1458

Sugilite Cabochon

Item: CA#026

Size: 38 x 22 x 12mm

Weight: 16.5g(82.5ct)

Price: R 1287

Sugilite Cabochon

Item: CA#027

Size: 49 x 17 x 6mm

Weight: 11.3g(56.5ct)

Price: R 881

Maganese with Sugilite Cabochon

Item: CA#028

Size: 44 x 30 x 10mm

Weight: 23.1g(115.5ct)

Price: R 230

Chrysocolla – Sold

Item: CA#004

Size: 63 x 24 x 14mm

Weight: 21.9g  (109.5ct)

Price: R275

Lipitholite Cabochon

Item: CA#008

Size: 67 x 32mm

Weight: 45.8g (229ct)

Price: R90

Sodalite – Sold

Item: CA#014

Size: 60 x 22 x 13mm

Weight: 20.2g  (101ct)

Price: R200

Sodalite Cabochon

Item: CA#015

Size: 47 x 26 15mm

Weight: 19.6g (98ct)

Price: R196

Sodalite Cabochon

Item: CA#016

Size: 59 x 14mm

Weight: 63.5g  (317.5ct)

Price: R300

Rose Quartz Cabochon

Item: CA#009

Size: 40 x 7mm

Weight: 20.4g (102ct)

Price: R51

Rose Quarts Cabochon

Item: CA#010

Size: 126 x 18 x 9mm

Weight: 32.1g  (160.5ct)

Price: R80

Rose Quartz Cabochon

Item: CA#011

Size: 40 x 20 x 8mm

Weight: 15.7g (78.5ct)

Price: R51

Rose Quarts Cabochon

Item: CA#012

Size: 103 x 41 x 18mm

Weight: 87.1g  (435.5ct)

Price: R175

Rose Quartz Cabochon

Item: CA#013

Size: 67 x 32mm

Weight: 82.1g (410.5ct)

Price: R300

Flouride Cabochon – SOLD

Item: CA#005

Size: 59 x 34 x 19mm

Weight: 65.9g  (329.5ct)

Price: R165

Green Serpentine Cabochon

Item: CA#006

Size: 82 x 41 x 7mm

Weight: 34.7g (173.5ct)

Price: R170

Clear Quarts Cabochon – SOLD

Item: CA#002

Size: 103 x 39 x 8mm

Weight: 41.4g  (207ct)

Price: R155

Clear Quarts Cabochon

Item: CA#003

Size: 105 x 41 x 20mm

Weight: 94.9g (474.5ct)

Price: R350

Lolite Cabochon

Item: CA#007

Size: 56 x 25 x 8mm

Weight: 17.7g  (88.5ct)

Price: R45

Blue Lace Agate Cabochon

Item: CA#001

Size: 64 x 22 x 12mm

Weight: 21.1g (105.5ct)

Price: R116

White Quarts Cabochon – SOLD

Item: CA#017

Size: 92 x 38 x 12mm

Weight: 54.2g  (271ct)

Price: R135

White Quarts Cabochon

Item: CA#019

Size: 85 x 35 x 15mm

Weight: 53.9g (269.5ct)

Price: R135

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